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Green Leaf Tempe Station



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I recently got out of the UH and couldn't be more happy. If i had any choice i would have been out a long time ago. I am a female and i lived by myself...my apartment was broken into twice and the door was never fixed..besides the screws that the ------- groundspeople put in it to hold it together. Real safe! There are a bunch of drug dealers that live there...minus one..hes in jail now...and a lot of the people dont even go to school (student community?). At the end of my lease 4 crack heads in their 30s moved into the one bedroom below. The pool is always closed and i think the gym has been 'under construction' for a year. The people in the office lie, and there are constantly bums going throught the trash and even in the hottubs. If i knew i could live 15 feet from my apartment and use the complex for free like they do i wouldn't have signed a lease! Also the police reports say a lot...just ask a Tempe police officer if you should move in here. I was on the third floor and killed a handful of scorpions...and they werent small, there is never any parking because people who dont live here take the spots, and if you are lucky and get a front of the complex apartment, you can watch the prostitutes work their magic. Good luck if you move in here and keep your door locked!
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Green Leaf Tempe Station

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