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Mission Springs Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
It has gone from good when I first moved in 3 yrs ago to bad. Dead grass everywhere. When I asked the office about it, they said "Well, it is summer and grass dies". Well, that is strange. Front of complex where office is and it is right on Baseline for the public to see is all green and peachy. Flowers and everything. Amazing.<br><br>Some of us think that some apartments are being used as halfway houses for illegals. These apartments dont rent weekly. and seeing 17 people come in and out of a apartment is a little fishy. and when you see 4 people with 4 mattresses (nothing else) move out, I'd say that is a little suspicious.<br><br><br>I asked up front if there were vacant apartments three months ago. the manager told me no. That was bull. The one above me has been for over 3 months now. they same one with 17 people living there for one week...LOL.<br><br>Raised our rent 20.00 a month to cover water. That is okay with me, but suddenly now water pressure is down so bad. I say fill in the ponds they dont keep clean and get rid of the fountains. That would save on water. I asked baout all the trees with red "X" on them. they said they were cutting them down. I replied that wouldnt that make the electric bills go up? I know we dont pay them, but, hell, I dont want my rent going up becuase of it. The rude little man in the office said "We PAY the electricity, so why should that matter?". It matters, buster.<br><br>Really sad when you live somewhere 3 years, are in every month to pay your rent and they still have no idea why you are there. This, I hope, will be my last lease here. If I want ------, I will move back to South Glendale for it.
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Mission Springs Apartments

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