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Palm Villa & Bali-Lanai



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
The good thing about the Palm Villa apartments is that it is close to ASU., so that's convienent. This apartment is perfect for you if you love cockroaches, bad smells, shady characters, neon green pools, and a creepy maintenance guy. Here are some stories to really win you over:<br>We had mold growing on our bathroom ceiling, so I wrote an email to the manager of the apartments, but he hadn't responded, so my roommate and I were walking over to the office and the creepy maintenance guy gets to us before we reach the door and is like "I hear you have mold! Let's take a look!" So we're looking at it and he tries to convince us that the paint is just wearing off. We asked for a second opinion and he's like, "Oh no don't worry about it." and ran to get a can of spray paint. He wasn't even going to take any thing down, like the shower curtain, that's how shady he is. Fortunately, we got the manager to come over before the maintenance guy came back with his spray paint and sure enough it was mold. Luckily, they have two newer maintenance guys working here now and those guys are pretty cool, but the other one is always still outside. And he's always yelling. God.<br>Also, we asked them to spray for cockroaches because there are so many, but I don't think the guy actually sprayed any chemical because we actually had more. <br>The apartments are big, and it's a decent price, it's just really gross here and I can't wait until my lease is up.
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Palm Villa & Bali-Lanai

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