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Salado Springs



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Office Staff
inspectorjavert • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
Positive Aspects:<br><br>The staff is superb. The office folks are always friendly and helpful, and the repairman is johnny-on-the-spot when you have a problem. <br><br>The only time I lost sleep due to neighbors partying was when about 200 people congregated in front of the condos across the street. These apartments are generally very quiet in that regard.<br><br>During my one and a half years here, I found only one large cockroach, one moderately sized beetle, and several silverfish. In response to the roach, I began applying boric acid to the edges of the kitchen and bathroom floors, which I highly recommend to anyone who doesn t have little kids. You can get it at Home Depot. It s the best, Jerry, the best! <br><br>There is a "neighborhood flash" bus stop just up the road, which runs every 15 minutes (in theory) and takes you to Mill Avenue and ASU free of charge. <br><br>The washer and dryer in-unit is a nice feature.<br><br>My apartment had new carpet when I moved in.<br><br>Negative Aspects:<br><br>Sky Harbor is a busy airport. The sound is not so bad if you keep the doors and windows closed.<br><br>The air conditioner is the super cheap economy-style, so it is quite loud. While a nuisance, this never kept me from getting sleep.<br><br>No cable T.V. in the bedrooms. I realize this is nitpicky, but come on, what s up with that?<br><br>The ginormous window in my bedroom faced east, so my room would get powerful warm in the summer, and I'd be up at the crack of dawn every day when the sun blinded me. Shutting the blinds won't help. Getting an apartment with windows facing north or south or one that's not on the east edge of the complex would be prudent.<br><br>And the neighborhood is like a demilitarized zone. Put a club on your steering wheel. If you have a CD-player in your car, you won t when you move here; get over it. Don t go out at night unless you re packing heat. <br><br>Conclusion:<br><br>I enjoyed living here, and I highly recommend it to anyone unfortunate enough to have to live in Tempe.
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Salado Springs

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