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Signature Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
Just out of curiosity I looked up this site and read previous reviews. I was amazed to find so many people with the exact same problems. The new management has decided to turn the complex into condos, otherwise I would perhaps try to organize something so that improvements could be made. I have lived here for several years and have mixed feelings about the complex. I moved in because the grounds and the aparments are beautiful and spacious, and it's conviently located. That's where the good ends and the bad begins. The pricing was initially ok, but when I tried to renew my lease they upped my rent by 100 dollars a month and continuoisly add ridiculous fees. Unlike some people I've never had a good experience with the management, either new or old. The old management were complete lechers. I got hit on and harassed by both the office staff and the maintenence staff. It got to the point where I refused to contact them unless it was a complete emergency, and then made a friend come with me. They terrified me. I've been here for years, and have yet to have a washing machine that doesn't flood the utility room and the kitchen with an inch of water <literally!!> the staff took a look and while they were still standing in water, with more water pumping out the bottom, said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. The new people aren't any better, they are just as nasty as other people say they are. I wouldn't believe it unless I had experienced it. When I moved in they promised exterminators avery 2 weeks. When I told then about my cockroach and ant infestation, they said "oh well, the exterminators only come if you call them" I guess that explains the bug problems. They also advertised that they were a gated community, and only now that they are turning the place into condos, are they actually installing a gate. I too have had my car and apartment broken into, but before that, I had never felt unsafe. My neighbors have been great, and I haven't had any serious noise problems. Despite all the problems, I love my apt. and would continue to live here if possible. I considered buying, but they management insists they don't know anything about the condo project. Whenever I ask they just look at me like I'm forcing them to chew off their own arms. I would reccommend this place to people, but only if they don't mind doing all repairs by themselves, and avoiding the office staff at all costs. The new maintenence staff are really nice, but things still take forever to get fixed
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Signature Place Apartments

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