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Sonoran Ridge



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sektshun8 • Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/27/2002
after reading the other reviews (and responses to my first review, I decided to edit my original review. I think people just don´t understand. I never had an issue with the complex or a staff member. however, living there was a nightmare - no one should have to go through what I went through. our water DID come out of the fixtures brown in color - often. prostitutes DID get picked up and dropped off in front of our apt - we called the police ofted at their request, so it must be an issue. when I had company and went to do laundry one night, there WAS a woman being attacked right next to my car. MANY friday/saturday nights I´d come home to no parking spaces, and have to park down by the laundry room. I lived in the front right by the carwash. thats a long way away from the laundry room. forget sleeping in the summer when your bedroom is mere feet from the carwash. forget sleeping any night when the other bedroom faces Mustang Sallys. my roommate and I DID hear our neighbor beat her children. we could hear the other neighbors cat meow. after the child-beater moved out, we could hear the new neighbors talk on the phone and use the restroom. after they moved out we could hear the new neighbors drum set loud and clear. the office staff went on and on at move-in about how quiet it is with brick walls - that they dull the noise. I don´t think so. <br>perhaps the experience at SR is better when you don´t live in the front - where there is no covered parking. but if you do live in the front and pay any amount of attention to what goes on outside, you´ll know what I am talking about.
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Sonoran Ridge

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