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The Lofts at Rio Salado



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2005
CONS<br><br>Construction right outside the apartments main office and surrounding streets (not to mention right outside my window) since we've moved in with no end in site. <br><br>Old people and families who are inherently surprised at the vast amount of drinking age college students....needless to say the apt. is less than one mile from ASU's main campus. (ASU voted number one party college by Playboy magazine in years past)<br><br>Shuttle is constantly out of service, because drivers go out of their way to pick up people and go "above and beyond" expectations. These drivers get fired for not following the schedule. (IE: picking up people who have been drinking outside of the pickup route, which has two drop off/pick up points total) <br><br>BUGS....Not just an overwhelming amount of crickets, beetles and grasshoppers, but hundreds of black widows and other spiders continually spin their webs on our patios and outside our doors. Crickets continually find their way inside our apartments and keep us up at night. <br><br>Yesterday my roommate walked into a spiderweb of "Indiana Jones" proportions when walking out on to his patio. Its not a matter of cleanliness, the last time he was out there was TWO DAYS PRIOR!! Its insane people. <br><br>They shut down the pool after between 11pm and 6am, because of one incident. (no that one incident was not that bad, and it was due to a total lack of security, instead of hiring more they just cut off our pool) Yet another promise lost....<br><br>When the pool is open, it is either not heated (previously promised) or a colour of green not native to the Arizona desert. <br><br>Parking spaces are insufficient. One valid spot for a three bedroom apt. is not smart. Especially at the premium price we are paying. You can pay extra for more spots, but we are students that don't have infinite funds from mom and dad. <br><br>The garages are unsafe, several of my friends (residents) have had cars towed even though they had VALID Trillium ID stickers in their windows. Thieves are allowed to window shop the cars at will, without fear of security interrupting them. <br><br>The gates to the parking lots are constantly broken, and just left wide open. <br><br>Our dryer was out of commission from our move in date, until maintenance got around to it, almost three weeks later. Which left me with several days of commando style living.<br><br>PROS<br><br>BBQ area is very nice, even if it does flood. <br><br>I haven't been bitten by a black widow in my sleep, yet. <br><br>Small gym is close and free to use 24/7<br><br>Big spacious plan for the three bedroom APT. <br><br>I haven't been killed walking in the only entrance, which is the parking garage. <br><br><br><br>Conclusion:<br><br>Don't move in here<br><br><br>
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The Lofts at Rio Salado

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