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The Lofts at Rio Salado



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Office Staff
asustudent1 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
When I moved into this place I thought I had made a huge upgrade in not only my accomodations but also my life. I was wrong. From the very beginning the ladies in the rental office made the move in process a pain. When finally moving into the place I realized it was nothing as expected. The movie theatre, their big selling point, is great... if you book it two months in advance. I was never able to use it when I wanted. The shuttle to the bars, also a great selling point... never able to use it. And dont even think of having a party, or even a few friends over to your apartment. A fourth of July party, including maybe ten of my friends, was the end of the world to these people. A good friend of mine was evicted, that means forced to move out, for that party. Not a warning or a repremandation, nope he was evicted. This place is great if you are retired looking for breakfast in bed (only if you arent on the side that has never ending construction), but if you are a college student stay clear and save your money. Oh yeah I almost forgot it is infested with black widows. Yep the most poisionous spider in North America, that is the one that is very easily spotted at Trillium.
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The Lofts at Rio Salado

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