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The Lofts at Rio Salado



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Office Staff
brazzg • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
What a difference there was from the promise to the delivery. Touted as 'Luxury Apartment Lifestyle', these apartments are no more than dorms.<br><br>Right from move in day - when the bathrooms were disgusting (construction debris in each tub - not to mention grout missing on the tiled floor) to a layer of dust on all surfaces which was promised to be cleaned prior to move in.<br><br>Oh yes, move in day was great with my remote not being programmed for me while my hourly rate for the moving truck was piling up waiting for the office to open.<br><br>Upon having the apartment re-cleaned it turns out that the air-conditioning is WOEFULLY INADEQUATE (i'm in a 2br). They send out the HVAC crew who basically restricted the flow of cold air (where there was cold air) so that you could actually feel something coming out of the vents at all locations. In summer time you will literally bake. Oh - if you live on the ground floor, you can feel hot spots on the floors coming up from the garage that is SUPPOSEDLY cooled during the summer. It's funny that they say that - I've been here over 6 months and i've seen them running twice!<br><br>The other postings are all too accurate - Black Widows and crickets all over the place. The beer bottles and garbage strewn about the place is just like a college dorm (maybe worse).<br><br>The management are grossly incompetent. When I finally was able to get through to the manager (meaning I walked in her office as noboby - and I mean nobody picks up the phone) all she had for me was EXCUSES - not apolgies or heaven forbid concessions.<br><br>This truly is the biggest luxury residential scam in town. You are seriously better off renting a house/condo for the money.
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The Lofts at Rio Salado

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