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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/18/2002
Had trouble from day one... I arrived to sign my lease, with a fully loaded U-Haul and two friends with trucks soon to follow. I find out my apartment was not ready and would not be done for 7 days...After being told to leave and come back 6 hours later to discuss the situation (Which I refused). I was yelled at by a leasing agent and told that I was not being helpful and that in no way was I to move in that week. Things are generally smooth there, unless you need to deal with anyone in the leasing department. Many represenatives have minimal customer service skills at best. Many residents do not have common courtesy for others regarding speed in the parking lot, courtesy to pedestrians in the parking lot (I have been run down twice in a crosswalk), noise levels at late hours, and parking in correct assigned spaces (which the office does not care about). Several times a month I can heavily smell marijuana near my building. A "gated" community, however the gates are USUALLY BROKEN. I have had my car vandalized twice in less than 8 months. Area is okay, but declining. Laundry facilities are horrible. Machines are constantly broken and are very dirty. No change machine on grounds, and don´t even think to ask the leasing agents for change. Apartment quality (building): looks nice from outside, but the inside is different story. Fans falling out of ceiling, shoddy appliances. The "model" apartment looks outstanding, but my apt was under par. Many setbacks, but EXCELLENT maintenace stafff- very friendly reliable and prevalent in the apartment community. Oh, and forget about terminating a lease early, even with a quality reasoin, unless you can throw away a few grand...BEWARE
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