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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/29/2006
Positive Points To Moving In:<br><br>-Beautiful Scenery and Greenery.<br>-Laundry facilities are well kept.<br>-Pools and playground are taken care of.<br>-Maintenance is quick, although quality<br>can vary.<br>-Units range from great condition to crack<br>house.<br>-Management is genuinely friendly but seem to have their heads in the clouds at times.<br>-Some residents are accommodating and kind, SOME.<br>-If you have a limited income, this place is acceptable.<br>-Little problems with appliances breaking<br><br>Negative Things To Consider<br>(or how to survive the lease):<br><br>-Constant vehicular burglary with no help or prevention program from police or management. Be sure you have good insurance and if you actually have a nice audio system or car accessories, they will be gone soon don't worry. Go ahead and look up police reports for the area, enough said. <br>-Swamp cooler that is shared between many units and is better at making humidity then a cold room. Get those fans ready!<br>-It'll take ya few months to get used to the<br>train. Hope you like air-horns!<br>-Complaints go unnoticed, crime is "accepted".<br>-MOST residents are either completely nosey, asocial, or addicts of some variety and aggressive. Families are nice but are just as overbearing, apparently they "own" the complex. Be ready to hear oodles of older people complain day in and out. Of course, is this different then anywhere else?<br>-Constant car accidents just to the East of you near the 101. sssssmasssh!<br>-Shadey criminals abound, be ready to either hide in your unit or ask "Do you live here?"<br>-If you ever want a hooker or some crack, just take a convenient walk north to Apache Rd. (ahh sarcasm).<br>-Speed signs are ignored, take turns S-L-O-W-L-Y.<br>-Did I mention your smack dab right next to this:<br>"http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/AZ-Tempe
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Villa Tree Apartments

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