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Ashton Meadows



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carolannah • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/26/2006
I worked in Tucson for a short while and from the beginning of my lease at Ashton Meadows it was nothing but a horrific experience. Within the first few days there was loud fighting,police helicopters, and shooting. The toilet leaked and the people never came to fix it. The walls leaked severely at the the arcadia door when it rained. When it was reported, they would always say someone would come to repair things and they never showed up. When I fell ill and had to go back to my home in the mountains, my daughter stayed to fulfill the lease with the permission of the management. Her husband took a job some months later and they signed a contract on a lease buyout. The management told my daughter that she would change everything into her name but they didn't. They wound up making her sign her name to a contract with my name on it. They never called me or contacted me by mail to let me know anything or to see if I agreed to it. My daughter paid them regularly, except for the final payment. That was back in 2005. In July of 06 they put a 1497.00 debt against me on my credit and all of this was going on without my knowledge. I am getting legal help because if they can have anyone sign a contract with your name on it, not notify yours, and then put the debt on your credit if they don't pay and/or they don't keep records of what they paid, then no one is safe from someone using their name and social. We have been trying to get this resolved since July of this year when it appeared on my credit. They switched management companies, we have been given the runaround for months and every time we call, the person we are talking to is new. This is so crooked and should not be legal. They always say the last people messed up a lot of things but won't do anything to fix it. This last lady says she will do all she can but if it is like the past 5 1/2 months have been, she won't be there long enough to fix anything and I still have a ding on my credit. RENTER BEWARE!
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Ashton Meadows

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