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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/02/2005
I have been a resident at this apartment for over a year now and can not wait for my lease to be up. First off I will start with the staff(mostly the manager, Gina, because of the new hiring)in one word, unacceptable. Residents are left out of the loop of information, such as when they are going to paint your building, which turned into a huge issue and other things like rent increase. I have filed many complaints on above neighbors for excessive noise at 2am and nothing has been done. Laziness and poor attitudes are also another problem in the leasing office. Second has to be the maintainence, or lack there of. With over 200 units it would be wise to hire more than 4 or 5 people to maintain them, but has not yet been done. My dryer broke and it took two days for them to even come look at it. My freezer stopped working and it took three days to get that fixed. My A/C unit leaks on my floor and has since i have been there; i have told them numerous times and it still leakes. There have been several incidents where I have asked them not to enter my apartment with out me there and come to find out the went in anyways, a couple of the times leaving lights on and doors open for pets to roam freely in areas where I keep them out of. Thanks guys keep up the great work. Third is parking, again, or lack there of. One spot per unit and very limited parking for guests or second vehicles. When I asked for a different spot because my truck was to big for the one i had and kept getting dinged by other vehicles I was told to get a smaller vehicle. Once again thanks for the help. Fourth and finally are the bugs, well ants in my case. They are everywhere, all of the time. I have had several occasions where the ants trail into my house for cat food or anything else they can find to eat. I was informed that that they have pest control but have never seen them. Overall i do not recommend these apartments to anyone. And with the increase in rent I will be departing as soon as my lease expires, which dont forget to give 60 days notice or you will get a fee.
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Coronado Villas

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