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8880 East Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85710
8880 East Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85710

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Green Leaf At Broadway



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended

Reviewed 01/11/2007

I've rented for the last 2 years. There's a delusional lady upstairs who constantly complains to the office about EVERYTHING (the OFFICE told me this, so it must be true, but they didn't tell me until after I moved in and started expressing concerns about her). There have been 3 "assistants" in the office and 2 "managers" since I've been here. The maintenance staff has entirely changed 3 times in 2 years. No wonder -- especially if Paul Ash Mgt treats their employees as badly as their tenants. I've also been told that there have been other neighbors of this person who have had to move.<br><br>The psycho upstairs called the office to complain about my "loud music" in the middle of the afternoon and they actually called me to ask me to turn it down. Then they sent me what they called "a courtesy letter" (an eviction threat). Then the psycho lady actually called the cops out one Friday night and, because they had to "investigate" any call they get, they had to interview me. Luckily, my other neighbors came to my defense and told the cops the chick is nuts. Basically, who needs the aggravation?<br><br>The construction comments made by others are true, the patios are falling apart and they are currently working their 1 maintenance guy to death trying to "update" the outside one apt. at a time. <br><br>When I moved in, I wasn't charged extra for water (they do now). Over my entire first year here, I spoke with the office about the cold water never getting cold and the hot water taking 20 minutes to start getting hot (unless some other tenant had just used the hot water in their apt.). They suggested that if I run the tap in the tub 1st, the rest of the water in the apt. would get hot faster (that's all well and good for me, but am I supposed to tell my guests that they have to run the tub tap while doing their bid-ness in the bathroom if they want hot water to wash their hands?) When I renewed for my second year, they informed me that they were going to start charging EACH PERSON $17/month for water. So if you are a couple, that's $34/mo.! <br><br>I'm moving soon and looking forward to it, though I'd hate to think the psycho lady upstairs is gonna take some sick satisfaction for driving yet another tenant out (the OFFICE also told me that they moved her around the complex several times, which makes me wonder why I'm the one moving).<br><br>The rest of my neighbors were great and welcoming. They all know about the psycho lady and have told the office about her, but she must really have some incriminating photos of Paul Ash or something. <br><br>Like I said, I'm glad to be moving.<br>
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Green Leaf At Broadway

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