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Harrison Park



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
Under the new management (Prime Group, as of October 27, 2006), the Harrison Park apartments have gone from excellent (when managed by Dial Equities) to a complete nightmare.<br><br>The Prime Group management clearly only cares about cutting costs and filling the units. The old management agressively screened potential tenants with regular credit and criminal background checks, and ensured high quality tenants. This translated into high quality living with good neighbors. The new tenants are mostly the types that would not have passed the previous screening. The neighborhood is turning into a frat-party / drug-dealing atmosphere with regular visits from cops and increased crime. Tonight, there were gunshots, with a visit from the TPD crime lab, and a mention on the evening news (said to be drug related).<br><br>The maintenance team used to be professional. The new team looks like they just got out of prison, and you don't want to let them in your apartment.<br><br>The old management hired a professional grounds crew that always did their work on Monday mornings. The grounds were immaculate. The new groundscrew looks like a bunch of illegals who spend 90% of their maintenance time using the leaf-blowers. They do not appear to have any set schedule. Consequently, the grounds are looking worse and worse. I'm sure this new crew of illegals costs less, but it comes at a huge price with the uglier grounds and tenants irritated with constant leaf-blower noise.<br><br>Under old management, you never drove into the complex to see the large advertising signs that are characteristic of trashy apartments. The new management now has several advertising signs on the complex walls, showing their desperation to fill the complex at all costs. Despite the new advertising signs (such as "Open during contruction"), they don't care to upkeep the sign letters at the main entrance, and "Harrison Park" now reads " a rison Park"<br><br>Parking has always been terrible. They give you one spot. Guests usually need to park in the far corner of the complex and hike back to your unit.<br><br>With the new low-quality residents that Prime Group should have screened out, noise at night has become more of a problem, and unruly kids have become a problem in the day (such as the BB-gun shooters).<br><br>I used to love these apartments. They were BY FAR the best on the east side of Tucson. It is amazing how mis-management can turn things around so quickly. I will be sure to leave when my lease is up. If things can get this bad in only 3 months, how much worse will it be in another year?
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Harrison Park

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