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Harrison Park



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chodenode • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
Previous reviews lately are summing things up pretty accurately.<br><br>Parking-Its apartment living, what do you expect? Few places have ample parking close to all units.<br><br>Noise level - Walls are thin and the building rattles if somebody closes their door hard (not management's fault). Our neighbor is in the service and never home, so his dog barks all the time (morning, evening and night) sometimes preventing us from sleeping. Complaints to the management (former and current) have done nothing so far. Skateboarders in the parking lot all the time being noisy.<br><br>Grounds - Going down hill. As others have said, there's dog crap everywhere. If I catch somebody doing it, they're gonna end up with their dog's crap thrown at their door. That'll look nice for prospective tenants. I've seen trash bags in places they shouldn't be. The lawns aren't in as good condition (though they were never really top notch anyway) and the sprinkler system outside my building guarantees you're going to get wet getting to your unit unless you're willing to walk right by somebody's window (sorry neighbors!).<br><br>Safety - I've noticed the increase in less, shall we say, sophisticated looking folk around here. I'm all for giving everybody a chance, but given the recent increase in police presence, it seems there's more to the problem than "this is their first apartment and they need to learn how to live nice with neighbors." There's nothing comforting about seeing the Crimse Scene Investigation van outfront of the apartments and then a week later having the entrance to half the complex blocked off because cops are investigating a shooting. The side gates don't seem to be open/locked with any consistent pattern other than what they feel like. They were shut for two weeks straight and when I called about it, I was told they would remain shut because it was a "gated community." I'll point out the front gate is open during daylight hours, so thats an illusion of security. In any case, 4 days later the gates were left open 24 hours a day for about a week straight. Go go management!<br><br>Construction - Its apartments. You should expect thin walls. I'm just glad I don't have neighbors that have loud sex. The barking dog gets annoying (my wife sometimes has to sleep with earplugs) but other than that, they seem of decent construction. Maintaining this though...<br><br>Maintenance - I don't know that I'm scared to have the maintenance guys in my apartment, but my experience thus far says they're either lazy or incompetent. I put in a service call for my heater which never shuts off because the heat keeps cutting out and they closed the case the first time by "changing the filter" and "turned on heater". Second service call they changed the thermostat but didn't stick around to see if they fixed it. Third time I came home to find my apartment was hot, but nothing indicating they'd fixed it or were still looking (it wasn't actually fixed). The fourth time, I was told there was a leak and the vendor would be out to fix. The fifth time (two days after the one before) and I'm still waiting on the vendor. The management lady told me she'd ask the maintenance man when the vendor would show up, but I never received a call back. I just got my power bill and its about 40-50 bucks higher because of this crap. Under the previous management, service calls were resolved by the next days, everytime, including when the A/C didn't work in the summer.<br><br>Office Staff - They are nice folks down there, but thats about the only positive thing I can say thus far. I was waiting to drop off the check and another guy waiting told me he was waiting there to drop his rent off and was sure to get a receipt this time because they said he didn't pay the previous month's rent on time. I don't know if its his fault or not, but given the new management's track record thus far, I'm willing to side with the tenant. Matter of fact, I think I'lls start getting a receipt now too. They do seem to want to get your problems fixed, but they're not following through as illustrated above.<br><br>Overall - Not at all impressed since the new management. The " a rison Park" sign out front I think is testament to how poorly the complex is being run, at the moment. I'm trying to be patient while they try to find their "groove," but this is starting to get intolerable.<br><br>Recommend? - Not right now, no. If they don't get some rent-a-cops here soon, honest people will start feeling like they have to walk around with a gun on their hip (yes, this is legal in Arizona).
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