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sandrat102 • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/02/2005
Currently, I'm in the middle of my 2nd one year lease, which I'm seriously considering getting out of with 30 days notice and two months worth of rent. When my roommate and I first moved here, we were aware that the complex wasn't in the nicest of neighborhoods. However, the property and buildings looked well kept, it was convienently located (priority because we don't have cars) and we got a two months free special. Also, there's only one gate open to the complex, thinking that would help keep quite a bit of crime out...well, think again! <br><br>We started out on a bottom level 2 bed 1 bath facing the "main" street. We heard just about everything that was going on upstairs at ALL hours of the night. Constantly people stomping up and down the stairs. Different people all the time, wasn't even sure who actually lived up there. We were convinced they were selling drugs above us. They often dropped glass beer bottles onto our porch and never had the courtesy to clean up the broken glass. Los Altos Avenue is extremely busy...cars driving by ALL the time, you knew because you could hear them. The guys would always be hanging out drinking beer around their cars blaring music. Also we had an apartment near the front office parking lot. You would hear cars honking their horns at obnoxious hours in the morning to wake up their carpoolers. The leaf blower always came around 8am...making sure they get right next to your window while you are sleeping. With the gravel rocks, you could hear everyone walking by. This is how thin these walls are!! I've never heard other converstations like previous reviews have said, TV's and radios...YES!! We had major leak in our bathroom...the ceiling started to fall down and that took a few days for maintenace to fix. They never even came back to finish fixing the ceiling. It even started to ruin the carpet in the corner near by and it ruined our wood shelves. You heard everytime the upstairs apt flushed or showered, it sounded like a sunami was coming at you. When we first moved in, we made our list of things that were broken and needed fixing. None of those things were fixed when we moved out of that particular apt one year later. They even charged us the missing screen in the kitchen window...when it was a work order they had put in because it was missing when we moved in!! We got rapped of our deposit, when we scrubbed the apartment cleaner than we moved in. There are tons of little kids running around and yelling. There was a tree next to the living room window and they shamelessly stared into your apartment. They would even come up to the window and start hitting to get my cat's attention. Not to mention that they found two dead bodies in a car and there was some type of cult suicide/homicide in another apt. Both of our bikes were stolen off our porch...our locked up bikes!!<br><br>Now onto the 2nd lease. We thought it would be much better to move away from the busy street, away from the drug dealing upstairs apt and the nosey little kids to other side of the complex to an upstairs apt. They made us pay a $300 deposit because we were moving (and remember we didn't get our deposit back from the old apt). They wanted to raise our rent but we fought and won that battle. This time around, everything that was on the broken list was fixed in timely manner. By this time we have new management that sucks more than the last...when you go in to pay rent they ask ------ like, "Can I help you?" like you're interupting their sitting down and doing nothing. <br><br>The area is progessively getting worse. We thought we could deal with it considering it was pretty cheap. Both of our bikes have been stolen AGAIN! They actually took the time to take my bike apart to get it out of the U-Lock. Since we live in an upstairs 2bed 1bath, we get our own porch...the only people up there will be people coming to see us and us only. We have found cigarette butts and beer bottle caps on our porch, and one of our camping chairs were broken as if someone too heavy sat in it!! Some low life thug has been hanging out on our personal porch while we are sleeping!!! This is too close for comfort...the reason why we want to get out of our lease. <br><br>There is no courtesy patrol! When there was, he would sit in his car on his laptop not paying attention to a damn thing. They make it so you can't do laundry at night, so if you go to school and work during the day..."you'll have to drive (if you have a car)to a laundry mat another time" as management put it. We've told them about our bikes being stolen, they couldn't care less!!<br><br>As far as other people's comments, I don't have a car so it hasn't been broken into. When my roommate had her car, it hadn't been broken into. Yes, there are mentally challenged people that live here, but I've never heard banshee screaming at night. AND...crossing my fingers, I've never been mugged at gunpoint.<br><br>Long story short...pay a little bit more money to live somewhere else. Always remember: You get what you pay for. The cheaper the place, the more low lifes it attracts. The bus system is pretty good here if you are worried about distance and the outrageous gas prices.
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