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Shadowtree Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/10/2016
Worst experience in 35 years of apartment living... Have never lived in a complex that is so anti-tenant - never had a problem living anywhere else but actually had to threaten to sue them to successfully force an early termination to my lease after only 8 months. Grounds, apartment and location were fine but the two lead managers - Jack and Lory - are the worst of all worlds. They don't act on legitimate complaints and actually go out of their way to create issues (this is what happened with myself). The lease is 42 pages long (that speaks for itself, I think). To make things worse, despite repeatedly saying they have to treat everyone equally due to Fair Housing Laws (that's their response to virtually everything a tenant says, no matter what it is), they actually do exactly the opposite. These two will never be confused with thinkers or problem-solvers, that is for sure. They did not even understand the concept of prorated rent (in that proration can not change the total amount charged) and actually responded "this is the way we've always done it" when I caught them overcharging me shortly after I moved in. Jack and Lory are all about being "in charge" instead of actually listening to their tenants and resolving issues. For instance, what's one of the biggest issues a tenant can have and absolutely has to be resolved? Noise from neighbors. I know a couple that had problems with an upstairs neighbor and excessive noise. They complained to the office and the office did not even raise this with the other tenant (I know this because I know all three people). So, the couple is now being forced to move out. Myself, I actually got a four-inch gash on my lower leg from the sharp edge of an electrical box that is situated in a narrow path right by one of the entrance gates to the complex (I know one other person who also was cut by this). I mentioned to Jack that he should have the edges padded and he said that was a good idea. A simple solution but he did nothing about it in the six months before I moved out. When I first looked at the apartments, I specifically asked and was told that it was OK for cats to go outside. When I then showed up with all of my stuff ready to move in and was going over the lease, I saw a clause that said cats had to be on a leash. I told Lory that would be a problem and that I would not be able to move in under those circumstances (again, I had previously asked about this already) and she said this would not be an issue, unless the cats were actually creating a problem. So, I took my two cats out everyday for 25 to 30 minutes a day without a problem. No problem because I'm right there with them and making sure there are no problems. Then, six months later, Lory and Jack saw me with the cats and with no warning gave me a 10 day notice and threatened to evict me. Meanwhile, a woman right across from me took her cat out in a similar fashion and was seen countless times by the office over many years and nothing at all was ever done. A couple that moved out after I was there a month had lived there for four years, letting its cat outside without supervision - nothing was done. Not that I cared about any of this (many other lease violations I'm not even mentioning), but you can see the double-standard here. I finally brought this up with the corporate office in Phoenix and they told Jack and Lory to stop harassing me but they continued to do so until it came to the point where the corporate office had to step in again and agree to terminate my lease early. The VP from Phoenix (this is their only complex in Tucson) actually told me that they had far more problems and complaints about Shadowtree than any of the others! That's the short version. Not even going into how many long-term residents were moving out, the 8% rent increase, the bedbugs, cars being broken into and more than one long-term resident describing Jack as having "low self-esteem" and being "vindictive"... In sum, this complex has a lot of potential but isn't worth a look until Jack and Lory are gone.
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Shadowtree Gardens

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