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Shadowtree Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/20/2019
I've lived here for three years. Here's my review based on personal experience: Management: Horrible. Simply put, you are not treated like a human being here; you are a paycheck. I have had several issues with management during my time here. Management staff will fail to inform you of any fees or penalties associated with services or lease changes until after the fact. There were multiple occasions in which I was fed incomplete and incorrect information that led to fees and cost increases that I was not made aware of, even after I asked if there were fees/penalties associated. They are incredibly strict with little to no flexibility for case-by-case scenarios. A former tenant informed me that her partner would come to her apartment fairly regularly and management forced her to add him onto her lease because he stayed there "too long" (adding someone to your lease increases your monthly service fee). They are also not honest. I (mistakenly) encouraged a friend to live here and she put me down as the person who referred her. I never received the cash bonus that's promised for referring someone to Shadowtree until I confronted them about it months later. If you decide to live here, make sure you have documentation of everything, know your rights as a tenant, and be aware of every fine print detail before you make any decision involving management. They are not here to benefit you. Apartment: Standard. The rooms are spacious and the appliances are full-size but the cabinets, drawers and counters are cheap and dated. The tub and bathroom sink are also made of some cheap material that dirties easily. The apartments are pretty sound-proof in my experience, though I live on the top floor. All in all, it's a pretty run of the mill set-up. Nothing special but nothing horrible either. Amenities: Standard. Two small pools, two laundry rooms, a tennis court, communal grill, and a small dog park. They technically have free wifi available but it's literally useless. You will need your own wifi. No on-site gym. Maintenance staff: Great. They're probably the best thing about this apartment complex. They keep the grounds clean and nice and every maintenance request I've issued has been resolved the same day. Location: Not as great/convenient as you'd think. There are many places nearby which is a blessing and a curse because the traffic in the immediate area is absolutely insane, especially during rush hour. There are times when it's difficult to even get onto Wilmot from the apartment street. Overall, I'd recommend looking elsewhere before settling on Shadowtree. It's not something we really think about, but management can really make-or-break the quality of your living experience. With how inflexible and money-hungry the management is here, your money will likely be better spent somewhere else.
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Shadowtree Gardens

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