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Shadowtree Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/17/2012
I do not think they have a gym membership anymore,they took away the Costco membership and the Security company doesn't come when you call and whomever thought up the slogan "Serentity is a Lease Away" is a moron. I feel like the neighbors and myself are all living in the same apartment...you hear everything. Drunkin neighbors yelling screaming and carry on at all hours is a regular occurance. Never use to be like this, only since this staff came on board. It seems young males are favored in this community and have carte blanche to do exactly as they please. Are they looking for potential tenants or boyfriends? I go to the office to pay the rent..the stereo is blasting, the tv is blasting, Dee is chatting on the internet, eating and the monthly rent checks are sprawled out all over the desk. Is this why we need to be burdened with making sure we get a rent receipt because of the carelessness? And can she dress any more like she is loading and unloading trucks instead of showing apartments. She is the initial face for this community and potential tenants and she should set an example instead of being an embarrassment. Jack was nasty to me once. It appears he has too many side businesses and is always in a huff. Lori is nice enough always smiles but both girls tend to direct their attention to the young male tenants. Safety is more of a concern now because of a select few of favored tenants allowed to do as they please without any conseqeunce. There is a new organization Project Safe which management has brought in. The organization is to be commended in what they are trying to do. The reality is they are being brought in as a means to rent apartments and has nothing to do with our safety. I'm just saying...we have a security company that does not come when you call!!!! Management's lack of integrity and unprofessionalism is wearing thin and can be felt among many of the tenants. We know this management staff can not be trusted and should be replaced. It's should be common sense to the owners: Tenants - bread and butter. Management staff - hired help. All in all the property is pretty well kept. The rents are fair but expect an increase each year (even if you are a good tenant). It is near everything, so if you do not have a car the bus stop is a short distance and there are (with the exception of a major supermarket)many shops in walking distance.
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Shadowtree Gardens

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