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Beach Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2008
Thing have gone down hill since the old building manager left. The new manager is rarely in, so don't ever get locked out or need him for ANYTHING. The building is dirty, the laundry room is dirty, the once lovely tile porch entrance is often sticky and dirt stained and the brass mailboxes are no longer polished. The recent landscaping cut down old growth shrubs and weird looking trees in giant urns were planted. Doesn't make much sense when giant oak trees line the street. Oh yeah, the oak trees drop lotsa leaves which rarely get raked up by the new manager. Fortunately they help hide the trash that blows in from McDonalds. Gallagher & Lindsay have made this once decent, but overpriced building into a slum. Rents are going up another 10% again. Long time residents are leaving. There will be another vacancy soon. 04/24/2009 Update: Went by the old place today. I guess the goofy trees in the urn died because they now have bushes. I was shocked to see the brass mailboxes polished. My host told me that they just did that this April...after leaving crap on them since November 2008! The laundry room finally got swept this month, but it still hasn't seen a mop in over a year. The rear white banister is still too filthy to hold onto which is a real drag given that this building has no elevator. Debris that lived in the hall is finally moved after almost a year. But hey, they raised the rents another $100 so I guess this counts as an improvement. Lotta vacant units with lock boxes on them. The place did look cleaner, but maybe that just because fewer people are there.
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Beach Apartments

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