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Driftwood Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1997 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/10/2000
The manager of this complex is incompetent, she manages with a favorite system. If she likes you, you will be spared rent increases and will get better service. She has no qualifications to be an apartment manager, she is more interested in her sideline as an graphic artist than her primary responsibility. More often than not, she is not available during posted hours, unless she has potential renters coming to visit. The complex has a lot of rules that are enforced unevenly, some people get away with a lot! Others get nailed on everything. <br> <br>When I moved in the rent was $950 in Jan 1997 by March 2000 it was $1450. Much, much higher than the cost of living increases. <br>Parking is gated with a gate that fails often and lights that are often not working. Many out of control kids, I routinely heard my neighbor´s microwave...with all my windows shut. Laundry facilities are high priced for normal sized machine. The electric wiring of the building is nightmarish, I have had a few wall outlets burn up. Most are not properly grounded. <br> <br>This complex is owned by the same people who own the www.werent.com site. They are greedy, and have very little regards for the tenants or the law. Twice we complained to the owners about the manager and her behavior and both times retaliation was done to us. The last was a none renewal of the month to month lease. We complained about an extremely loud party hosted on premise by the manager, Alameda Police actually had to intervene after receiving several complaints. The result was a none renewal of the lease, a clear case of retaliation. No reasons were given to not renew the lease. <br> <br>The Bottom line is this: avoid anything from Real Property Analysis inc. Even more so at Driftwood Lagoon. <br> <br>
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Driftwood Apartments

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