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Marine View Apartments



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Office Staff
Parodius • Resident 2012 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/24/2015
Pros: -Nearby mass transit and numerous options (for people who work in SF or Oakland) -Spacious Apartments -Pet friendly (no pet rent but you do need increased pet deposit) -Most people are friendly or just keep to themselves. I did meet one person who was pretty nasty to me on my move in day, she kept insinuating that I was going to hit her car while I was backing out my truck. Then proceeded to pace around the whole time watching me back out the moving truck, also blocked my view of the person guiding me. Cons: -Very loud if you live near parking lot, (the house next to the complex has a dog that barks all day from 7AM to 5PM whenever the owners bring the poor thing back in), also idiot tenants that hangout near the door ways at 2AM and have ridiculously loud conversations. -Maintenance workers don't really fix anything, numerous items were broken in my apartment and I had brought them up to management prior to me even moving in, they promised that they would be fixed. Surprise surprise the day of the move all of the items that I brought up were still broken. -Way too expensive for the amenities you get, which is pretty much nil. -Limited parking spaces, all of the spots under trees will drip tree sap all over your car which is why all of those spots are empty. -No one is ever in the office and it takes forever for them to respond to any communications. -UPS likes to leave packages on your door step or right near the mailboxes which is open to the general public. Yes I have had packages stolen here, which is why I deliver to my workplace now. -Graffiti on walls and dead grass in front (it is drought season so I give them a pass on that) -Bathrooms are tiny. -Kitchen appliances are very old.
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Marine View Apartments

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