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Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/20/2011
i lived in this apartment for about 8 months. My father was my co-signer and when we were both signing the paperwork my father informed her that my mother would be staying with me but would not be on the lease. Desiree agreed up front. After my first few weeks in the apartment everything was alright. The problems first occurred when i left a message on sunday night saying i was locked out and didnt have my keys. Desire NEVER called me back. i called three more times and stopped by twice that day, she was never in the office even though it was office hours. Over the nest few months there were little problems but nothing to major. When i decided that I would not be renewing my lease unless i could transfer into a one bedroom i wrote a letter to put in my 30days notice. I was told I would need my fathers ( co-signer) signature in order to move out. I had inquired about whether or not there was a 1 bedroom availiable and was told that there was not. When I had someone else call in, she told them that there indeed was a one bedroom available. I decided to stay in the apartment and was told that we would re-do a new lease. A week went by and rent was due, i was a bit hesitant to pay rent since I hadnt gotten a new lease. i e-mailed Desiree and asked wether or not I should go ahead and pay the rent even though i hadnt recieved a lease. She said yes and that my lease would be under the door with in the next few days. I NEVER received the lease. For about three weeks, there was raw sewage overflowing onto the ground of the apartment at the entrance. it was absolutely disgusting . There was human fecees and toilet paper EVERYWHERE( i have pictures to prove this). the toilet in my apartment wasnt flushing so i called the office and of course got no response. I called the after hours number that gave me another number which gave me another number and someone finally answered. The maintenance man was working in the bathroom for about twenty minutes and then came out and said " there was nothing wrong the toilet flushes fine" if it flushed fine he would not of been working on it for twenty minutes. The next week a letter went out to the tenants stating that due to the influx of maintenance calls if a maintenance man is called and it was something they feel you could of fixed yourself, you would be charged $20. The construction workers were there working on the pipes for a few weeks. my spot was one of the ones blocked off and my mother went up to Desirre an asked if there were any open spots for me and she very rudely replied " well your not even on the lease so no theres no spots" A week after construction wrapped there was PLUMBER TRUCK" PARKED in one of the spots directly in front of the building. This truck was parked and is still parked in this spot a few days a week This truck is Desires "guest" which is extremely unprofessional seeing as a week prior I, a paying tenant had no parking spot. This " guest is now always parked in this spot and is not a tenant. ONe day the" manager" left her clothes in the washer for nearly three hours. my mother was waiting to use the washer but couldnt since they were both occupied. Finally after a few hours she proceeds to take the clothes out of the washer and then Desire walked in and said i hope your not touching my clothes I dont like people touching my clothes. my mom said well ive been waiting for three hours your clothes have been done for over two hours. Desire proceeds to take the clothes out of the "dryer" one by one. After about five minutes my mother asked if she could please just take her stuff out of the washer first. She said no im taking it out of here first and proceeded to giggle. My mom got fed up and said Desire your being really rude and you need to take your stuff out. the next day i was walking my dogs and Desire comes up to me and says "you know ive been really cool with your mom stating here even though shes not on the lease, we know she lives here. Ive been really nice by letting her stay here but the other day she gave me an attitude so now if she wants to stay here she is going to have to do an application, k thanks hun" Five minutes later she sends me an e-mail,, (leaving out the fact that she had previously known my mom lived there) and said she had "recently" been made aware that she had been living there and as a result I was in breech of contract. A week later I gave thirty days notice. A week prior to evacuating, i called the office, left two messages and sent two e-mails attempting to set up a time to do the walk through. She did not e-mail me back until the morning of the day I was to move out and said I will send hector up there at 9am ( this e-mail was sent at 8 am) The maintenance man came up and did the walk through and told me that everything was immaculate and that there is no reason i wouldnt receive all my deposit. I had misplaced my carpet cleaning reciept and told him i would bring it in the next week.He said it was no problem. I called Desire at 4:30 during office hours and left a message saying im coming by to bring in my carpet cleaning reciept. Went to the office ( no one there) sat there for about ten minutes. i wrote a note on the back of the recipt asking her to please e-mail me verifying that she had recieved the note. keep in mind that both her cars were there which meant she was in her house during office hours and not in the office. i left another message when i left saying i waited for ten minutes hoping to catch you, no luck and to please e-mil me confirming she recieved it. That was last tuesday and I still havnt gotten an e-mail or call. I have called three times since and can not get a hold of anyone. I took pictures of the notes i left because I feel that this so called manager is extremely catty and unprofessional. She has also not informed me on the status of my deposit. I moved out on the 8th and today is the 20th and still no word. i know these claims are bad but i would not write them if they were not true. I have pictures and e-mails to back-up everything that I have said. i am attempting to get a hold of the owner now. i urge you to not move into this apartment while she is the manger, it is very unprofessional and poorly ran.
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