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Marine View Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1995 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/13/2007
Overall, this is a decent place to live. The only complaint would be the manager. She is rude, innattentive, and just plain absent. Also, very hypocritical: She recently went on a tirade about keeping the guest parking free, yet she and her live-in boyfriend break their own rules. Just this past weekend, about a week after demanding residents do not park there, she was parked there over night while her own, assigned-spot stayed empty..talk about just being stupid. Then her boyfriend was parked there all day on Sunday. She forgets that she works for the residents, she is not the boss of the residents. I have taken pictures and will send them to her bosses at Sequoia. I also intend to write her a letter and slide a copy under all tenants doors, letting them know how she is behaving. Her boyfriend parks in all the untaken spots, yet will still take the visitor parking since it is closest to the front doors. So rude and inconsiderate. The manager should be parking on the street not taking up a spot. Again, she is an employee, not the owner here. Also, the grounds and hallways have become very dirty as she has not been keeping the place clean. She is never in her office, and overall is bringing the quality of life down in this complex.
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Marine View Apartments

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