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summerhouse433 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
This advertisement gives you all the information about this lovely apartment community that the leasing staff leaves out! It sucks! If you want your home and all your furnishings to be flooded, then this is the perfect place for you! Not to mention that the management staff has neglected to inform the residents here that they are on the verge of foreclosure due to lack of apartments being leased; they were given a quota of 120 by the end of February and I'm pretty sure they did not reach this goal. This also used to be the projects, aka. Buena Vista Apartments or more commonly known as The BV's. Try telling your friends and family to come over to visit you here! Something else they neglect to inform you of. And don't let the gated community thing get you either. All you have to do is follow someone in...talk about security. This information was obtained from a very reliable source who is friends with the male leasing agent. Mind you, this friend of his is also responsible for almost burning down a building a few Sundays ago; there was an evacuation and everything (pssst...she is also a drug user, no wonder she almost burned down the building; apartment staff... maybe guilt by association is a good term to use for him, why else would he let her move in given her current situation)! Let's see...what else...oh, there also is not enough parking and the 1 parking spot that they assign you (no matter how large your apartment, you only get 1 spot!!!) is very inconvenient and a nice hike away from your apartment. The staff for the most part....well they are just plain rude after you move in. And on top of all this you have to pay water, trash, sewer, PG&E, cable, and electric. You can get a nice apartment overlooking the Bay for less and with FREE CABLE!!! Not to mention the staff is a lot nicer and you probably will not have to move out with no notice a few months after you move in. Which I sure there will be no refunds of deposits or assistance in paying for moving costs. So, in short steer clear of Summer House Apartments in Alameda. I wish someone would have posted this before I moved here. The new management, as of today 02/27/2007....very RUDE and unknowledgeable. They haven't a clue as to how to even spell good customer service.
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