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Aliso Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
We are currently renting a 2 bed 2 1/2 bath townhouse here.<br> <br>THE GOOD: Parking is GREAT on our side of the complex (the rental office side); although I've heard that parking is not too great in other parts of the complex. It's been really nice being able to come home from work and not worry about parking. The townhomes are very spacious and the floor plans are awesome. The complex is very clean and the maintenance guys are always very cordial and quick to respond to any maintenance requests (we had quite a few at the beginning). The management has always been polite and responsive. We've never had any negative experiences with them as in previous reviews.<br> <br>THE BAD: We are moving mainly because we must keep our refrigerator in the garage, as we could not fit the fridge up the poorly designed staircase. Not only is this inconvenient, it has also caused increased monthly electricity bills, as the fridge is constantly running due to the warm garage temperature. After speaking with some neigbors we found out that this is a widespread issue - residents have been forced to keep their fridge's in their garages or in their entrance ways, blocking the front door (so they have to use the garage entrance) or forced to hoist the fridge over the second floor balcony and through the slider. We actually had to hoist our sofa and loveseat up this way because they just did not fit up those stairs. Moving in should not be this difficult. MY ADVICE: If you're interested in renting one of the townhomes, pick an end unit or do not rent at all. The end units have the stairs on the outside, which are bigger and more accommodating.<br> <br>Also, lately it seems that the management is becoming less picky about the people they rent to (or perhaps offer some low income units). Our side of the complex used to be very nice and quiet; however, inconsiderate neighbors with no manners have moved in in the recent months. They talk loudly outside at night and have noisy kids who do not mind the rules - some cars have even become damaged as a result. FYI - due to the buildings facing each other in such a way, it creates an echoing effect causing any noise to be amplified several times. We never really had problems because of this until recently however.<br> <br>One more thing: since the bedrooms are on the third level, they become unbearably hot in the summer months. The A/C barely dulls the pain - we actually need to keep the vents closed on the second level in order to boost the A/C power up to the third level.<br> <br>THE UGLY: The carpet is ugly and disgusting. Not only is it the ugliest dark gray color we've ever seen, it's actually rough and hard to the touch - probably from so many stains and cleanings it has had in its lifetime. It's just gross. Complexes should realize the potential in replacing carpet that obviously has reached its expiration date. We may have considered staying longer if we had some nice carpet to ease the inconveniece of having to go up and down the stairs every time we need something out of our fridge.<br><br>OVERALL: We really love the floorplan, parking and location of this complex. We would even recommend this complex to our friends, but ONLY if they take the above advice. Honestly, we hate to move and we wouldn't even be moving if it weren't for the fridge and carpet issues - trust us, the cost of hiring movers due to the difficulty of getting our things out does not appeal to us whatsoever.<br> <br>THE END
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Aliso Creek Apartments

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