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St Moritz Apartments



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Clashed22 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
I unfortunatley live at the St. Moritz Apartments and I have to say, PURE EVIL. These greedy managers have obviously cut a deal with the towing company they work with (towing first to a place in el toro that cost $120 to get your car out, and then moving to a place in Laguna Beach that costs $160 to get your car out). The tow trucks sit and wait for it to hit tweleve oclock, which i don't even know is legal given the 2000 ruling that they had to wait one hour and have a manager of the property present...in anycase, they charge an exorbinant amount of rent for no parking and suburban, cookie cutter hell. There already is a cold feeling coming from the fact that most people seem to care little about getting to know their neighbors, but with the added dump of careless and flagrant managment (who act in that sweet ----- manner-totally belitting, but making sure to say pleases and thank yous), this place is not for anybody. I have been struggling to move out from this complex, but since moving costs are very pricey, and the rent is ridiculously high, I guess I am stuck in hell with the ----- for another year. All I can hope for is one of the local skateboarding kids will smash their board in a manager's face, or at least bust a few windows.<br>btw, skateboarding and any act of fun is not allowed-I don't skateboard but since these kids have no backyard to play in whats the fricken harm?
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St Moritz Apartments

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