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Arbors at Magnolia

150 S Magnolia Avenue

Anaheim, CA 92804



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2013
I wouldn't recommend living here. The plus side is they do have 3 month leasing options here which a lot of other apartment complexes don't do. Parking sucks. If you live by yourself then you'll have no problem but even with two people it can be a hassle. You get one assigned carport, but for the second assigned parking it's inside the complex but on a first-come, first-serve kinda basis. So if you get home late at night or even after work around 5pm or 6pm you might/might not find parking. There hardly is street parking except for early in the morning, and if you have guests they can either park in the guest parking lot but you have to get a parking permit for that and if they all get taken (there are only a certain amount to give out) or your guest comes after hrs, they're screwed. Some people who have parking stickers for their OWN carport sometimes park in the open spaces which they're not supposed to do...reserving their carport parking spot for guests but then that means less parking in the open spots for the rest of the peeps that live here. Noise: it's ridiculous here. The buildings are really old so no matter how much the management company upgrades the apartments, they can't do much about the actual building structure unless they rebuild everything. The walls are super thin, the heater is actually within the walls so if the walls are thin enough to let heat out you can imagine how poorly insulated they are. The construction of the buildings SUCKS bigtime. Unfortunetly I have noisy neighbors who've I've complained about. Kids run wild at times. There is no playground here so I get they need to play and spend their energy but they're wild and uncontrolled. They could be yelling and screaming right outside your window which is very annoying, especially if you're already dealing with noisy neighbors you could feel like you have no peace and quiet. People slam their doors really hard which I don't understand. Like another reviewer wrote, it's not that hard to turn the knob first and then close the door. Sometimes people walk around on their cells phones late at night talking loudly while having the other person on speaker, people sometimes bump their music in the parking lot, and since this apartment community welcomes dogs, there is usually a lot of barking. Good luck if you get an apartment next to someone with a dog, loud kids, or an annoying neighbor...then you come home to noisy kids playing around. Management: So far management is ok but not the greatest. The guy, who is the assitant is very nice and doesn't make you feel unwelcome or gives you the impression that he wants you to leave the office already. The other person,the lady/ does. She has never been out right rude to me the way I've heard from some people that I talk to at the complex but you can tell she either doesn't like what she does or doesn't have the professionalism to hide it and come across as just professional and pleasant. I perfer to deal with the guy. The few concerns with maintainence requests are not a problem but in cases when you have to complain about an ongoing issue, don't expect a solution. The maintence team is nice and pleasant and at first I thought they were kinda slow in getting around to fixing things that weren't an urgent matter (like flooding, plumbing problems, etc) but then I realized that there's only about 2 guys who do maintence for the whole complex. So when they can't get to a problem that isn't all that important, like a broken light fixture or whatever, I don't sweat it. Once I did have plumbing issues and they came out right away so that's how I know that if it's urgent, they'll deal with it. If not, just be patient. Two maintence guys for an entire complex as big as this one can mean a lot of work. Safety is ok. Inside the apartment complex it isn't that bad but outside the complex it can be a bit shady. It's not as ------ as some people make it out to be but it's not the safest either. There's liquor stores near by and seven eleven's and other mom and pop shops so yeah, it's a bit unsettling at night, but it's not as bad as other areas I've seen, like projects in certain parts of L.A. The complex is well lit and the walkways are paved and even, the plants and grass and kept up pretty well so no complains there. The gardening guys can be kinda annoying. It seems like they talk ALL day and it seems that way because the noise is never ending! They come right up to the bottom windows of the ground floor apartments with their leaf blowers so you can imagine how loud that is and they come back and forth, back and forth. Laundry rooms: They're small, clean, but usually most washers and dryers are taken unless you come early in the mornings. People leave their stuff there forever. All in all, if you need an apartment ASAP, then I'd say you do what you gotta do. But if you can save up your $ and wait then I'd say go that route first. This isn't the worst place to live, but I wouldn't recommend it either. I'm looking to move out when I can. I also got a little irritated when I noticed that the manager for this complex comes onto this website to correct or make remarks on some of the reviews. I know you might want to give an explanation when someone says something negative about you or your job or whatever, but this is an apartment rating site, people should and are going to give their opinions, because they're just that: opinions. No need to correct an OPINION, these reviews are not facts. It seems a bit childish. I dunno, that's just me.
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Arbors at Magnolia

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