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Caribbean Cove



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I think I died and went to the Caribbean Cove.<br>When we moved in they said we couldn't have pets but to my surprise the apartment came with thousands of ants. How cool! It was like having an ant farm without having to send away for it.<br>The best part was when we moved in and the garbage disposal didn't work which was fine with me because it perfectly matched the heater and closet doors which also didn't work.<br>I have to say my favorite part of the apartment was the door to the balcony which had no lock so they rigged up a screw bolt to lock it. Now thats ingenuity! I loved the feeling of battening down the hatches for a good nights slumber. Did I mention the apartment comes with a free alarm clock. That's right the Caribbean Cove, sparing no expense, has hired a garbage truck to come by every morning at 7:00 am. That is service.<br>Living here is so exciting. The first month I lived here, my car was broken into. A few months later my roof was slashed. What fun. Every morning I would just pretend I was in the movie Escape from New York. Living in the Caribbean Cove is like being an action hero. Especially with the elevators and washing machines that were always breaking. There was always something to keep you on your toes.<br>The staff tries really hard. Some people thought all the rules and regulations were a bit nit picky but not me. I see it as giving poor people a chance to have the condo association experience. <br>One of the best things the staff does is to stand at the gate on holidays and hand out breakfast. After all the polite thing to do is to buy them breakfast.<br>How would I some up the Caribbean Cove? I had a guest come over and she summed it up best. "Ooh Seedy but Tropical".
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Caribbean Cove

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