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Glen Forest



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schlumfina • Resident 1998 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
In the 2 years I lived there, we never had hot water, no matter what time of day. Only 1 working washer out of 4 and no working dryer. Only after notifying Mike Boguslowski from Channel 4 News - we finally had hot water and they delivered 4 brand new washers and dryers. Until then "we were just imagining that we didn't have hot water and nothing was working". Every Friday night after 5:00 PM I would come home to find police cars of gang enforcement untis parked in back alley, sweeping the neighborhood. Every Saturday night you will hear the Sheriff's helicopter cruising with search light. Criminals will drive into Westchester Drive, trying to escape from Police and not realizing it's a dead end street. Then they send the K-9 in. I got quite some video footage. "Miami Vice" is kindergarten compared to that. In the morning, when you drive throug the back alley - it is littered with used condoms and used needles. On Christmas Eve I witnessed from my living room window how the owner of the convenience store was shot and killed. I heard the shots, looked out the windows, saw the backdoor opening and he stumbled out of it, fell on the ground, mortially wounded.<br>I had my garage (that Thanks God I got to share with my nice neighbor)in the back alley. Twice I came home late at night during the week (coming from continued education classes) and 2 -------- males threatened me with knifes and demanded money. Too bad that their momma didn't teach them not to bring a knife to a gun fight (I am a firearms instructor).<br>I made a lot of improvements. I replaced all the crappy, dented hollow, cheap aluminum crap in the bathroom with solid oak (toilet seat, 2 cabinets, toilet paper holder, 2 towel bars). I had professionally ceiling fan installed in bedroom. I had gotten verbal permission before I made these improvements. After 3 months I still had not my security deposit back (3 months). I had to sue them in small claims court where they suddenly claimed all my improvements were not approved and the fan was not working at all. It was a very expensive Hunter Fan with light kit and remote. I asked my former next door neighbor and she went and talked to the new tenant. She sent me video. The fan and everything was working fine. They had actually asked 50.00 more rent from new tenant because his apartment "had been uprade with ceiling fan etc.". When I presented my evidence in court - the judge reamed their ---. They had to pay interest and late fees and everything. And yet - even aver recieving judgement I had to threaten again and wait another 2 months until they finally paid.<br>I had to pay 100.00 security deposit for each of my indoor cats. The neighbors below me let their 7 cats roam all over the place. They pissed on all the floormats, on our front doors - it was terrible. And they never had to pay a security deposit.<br>This is the worst place to live! Before I would ever move in there again - I'd rather grab my camping gear and sleep out in the woods, believe me. Nobody can be that desperate to move in this place
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Glen Forest

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