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Hillcrest Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/09/2010
...until the resident management changed. We moved to Hillcrest in 2003. Over time, we realized the resident manager was strict but fair and ensured the complex was a nice place to live for EVERYONE by enforcing the rules in the lease agreements. We liked that. BUT--the current manager does not do this; consequently, things have deteriorated. 1. When we moved in, dogs were not allowed, which was fine with us (no, we don't hate animals). Now they are allowed (the manager has one, you see) and dog [email protected]!%# is not always picked up by the dogs' owners. Plus, one of the dogs bit another resident and the manager downplayed it because the dog's owner is a friend of hers. Barking can be heard at all hours, depending on how close you live to the dog(s). 2. The manager rented a coveted first floor apartment to a friend of hers even though she had promised an apartment to a long-time resident who NEEDED to move from the 2nd to the 1st floor. This person had been on a waiting list for a ground floor apartment for a long time and kept reminding the manager every so often that she was still interested in moving. No apology or explanation was given for the "oversight." Apparently, it pays to be a friend of the manager. 3. It is a 2-story building without an elevator, which is why the ground floor apartments are so popular. Of course, you know this before you sign the lease agreement, but see #2 above. 4. The current manager does not involve herself in community activities like the previous manager did; consequently, the Friday night bingo games are a do-it-yourself activity. (If the residents don't do it, it won't happen.) She came to her first Friday game as manager and let it be known that it was not how she wanted to spend her Friday evenings. I was there when it happened and I remember thinking that it was a rotten tone to set for a new manager. 5. The staff are nice, but of course they must take direction from the resident manager, so there isn't anything they can do to right any wrongs. And, the Property Management Company for whom the manager works is not interested in listening to residents' complaints. It's not easy being a property manager if you do it correctly. The current resident manager is not a good one but apparently has the support of the Management Company--an unfortunate combination. Sadly, this will probably appeal to people who don't want to be restricted by the very rules that a senior complex is supposed to embrace. We are happy to be gone and wish our friends there all the best.
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Hillcrest Village

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