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Hillcrest Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2012
Hillcrest is a 55 plus complex, and the reason I came here was to get away from my other apartment, which was being overrun by trashy residents. The old people here aren't much of an improvement. I'm told the prior manager didn't have a dog, and they only started allowing them when Lola Jones took over. She's got a dog, so they're allowed, and they SHOULD NOT be as most residents don't control the barking. I have two neighbors, one with a poodle that yips every chance it gets, and they like to let it off it's leash and run around the grass barking. Another old lady in a wheel chair, has a mutt she leaves home alone and it yelps and whines. The walls in this place are paper. If the woman next door sneezes at night, it sounds like she's in my bedroom. There's a railroad track right behind the complex, which they never mention when you apply to live here, and trains are blowing their whistles all day and all night. The residents here are rude. There's a couple of people across the way who like to stand in front of their patios and smoke all day long, blowing it up into neighbor's apartments. People constantly park in spots they're not supposed to. The few who like to talk will stand under your window yakking aloud starting at the crack of dawn, with no consideration of the people whose apartments they stand in front of. The staff in the office is ever changing, all residents who live here, and they're useless. Good luck talking to Lola Jones, she's never around. All in all, for the money, it's cheap by O.C. standards, but in this dump you get what you pay for. They act like it's such a big deal to get a place here, but in the two years I've been here, four apartments on my floor have turned over. Go elsewhere and spend a few bucks more.
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Hillcrest Village

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