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King Of Spain Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2010
Really missing previous on site manager. I liked this complex because I felt safe and comfortable. There are several tenants here that have resided here for many many years (almost 10 years) for similar reasons. The previous manager was strict, did things legal and was also reasonable which made for good oversight of the complexes. With the exception of the lady asst manager (who was part of the previous management team), under new management, I no longer feel as safe or comfortable here after many years. I will soon be looking for a new place. They have spent (wasted in my opinion) money on 'repainting' the 'accents' of the complex which is unflattering, flowers that are replaced weekly it seems, trees / potted plants that are in the way of walking paths. Instead of upkeeping the area such as the laundromat (which newer tenants seem to disregard your clothes and take them out of the washers/dryers and place them on the floor), there are always washers and/or dryers that are not working AND they are expensive . Or upgrading current tenants apartments or perhaps actually fixing walls, doors, window replacements would be good as well thoroughly and not just a patch job or paint over to disguise the problems. It would be good if they could conserve water too instead of watering plants late in the day sometimes twice a day when it's worse for the plants or leaving sprinklers on during the night(not environmentally friendly to say the least) the pathways are completely puddled wet that it runs into the parking area too. Also, unless you don't mind surprises, be prepared to be without hot water at times without notice lasting from minutes to hours. At least previous management would have the courtesy of letting tenants know if the water was going to be turned off ahead of time and for approximately how long. New manager is not helpful/friendly or even courteous in my opinion. He doesn't seem to care of the tenants needs.
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King Of Spain Apartments

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