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Madison Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
Do not come to this place. Filthy and disgusting. Sure they'll walk you around and get to look at the model one bedroom. Looks great. I signed the agreement for a specific apartment. When I came to move in, I had the bait switch done to me. Another building. The walk through wasn't even that. Footprints on the floor. Blue stain on the floor. Shower needed caulking. Some things needed to be done, which I pointed out. A year later, hasnt been fixed. The air conditioner had condensation leaking through the ceiling. Subsequently, mildew patch of 6"X6" formed on the ceiling. Multiple repair requests were sent but not seen. Horrible maintenance around here. Oh yeah, two nice blue sharpie marks are on the wall right across from my door. Been there since March 2004. Now its October 2005. Is this sinking in yet?<br><br>The water will go off in the building without warning. Happened again on the weekend when I put the clothes in the washer. Sure I paid the money and put the soap in. But no water. This occurs once a month. How about coming home from work on a Friday, ready to clean up to go for the night? He he he. Jump in that shower and the sweet sound of air. You still don't believe me, huh?<br><br>Ok, How about parking. Spaces are for mini-coopers and vw's. And guest parking? What guest parking. It's called street parking. But you can't park on the street. Oh, and the happy towman will come by and move your car to another destination for a cool $200 if your friends park inside. It's happened.<br><br>Ant swarms? Cockroach haven? You bet. I have to say this isn't the fault of the management, however. It's the low-life tenants that live here. They don't have the time to throw their trash down the chute or walk larger items to the dumpster. They just throw the trash on the floor. Piles and piles of garbage. Absolutely disgusting. Run from this place. <br><br>This place needs to be wiped off the map and rebuilt.
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Madison Park

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