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Pebble Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/16/2005
There are ferral cats everywhere outside in the carport area. They climb all over cars and you can hear the copulating and fighting at night. The owners have been notified months ago and 3 months back the manager gave notices saying they were finally going to put out cat traps.<br><br>They're lying. Nothing has been done. I can't even wax my car anymore because when I was doing that they would slip and their claws damaging my clear coat.<br><br>You don't see these cats on the street outside of the carport area- they are taking over the area in here.<br><br>The noise levels are higher here because the building is shoddy and this location has LOTS of children running around. <br><br>Management has still not addressed all concerns after living here for a year.<br><br>The office has posted hours of 9-5, except for Sunday and Thursday. There are several days a week where there is no one here after 3pm.<br><br>The windows shake in their frames.<br><br>People leave the security gates propped open with rocks all the time allowing anyone to come in here. There are shopping carts in the complex frequently when they aren't allowed. The carport gate is broken at least once a month.<br><br>Alot of the tennants here don't expect much, and don't behave as such, and it makes it very hard on other people who are just here trying to get by.<br>I've hated this place since 4 months after moving in
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Pebble Cove Apartments

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