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Shangrila Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2008
I lived at Shangri-la Apartments for over a year and all I had was problems with the manager, Martha Magana. She is the onsite manager. At Shangri-la apartments, you can't walk on the grass because you will get fined, you can't use the swimming pool or jacuzzi because she puts so much clorine that nobody wants to bathe there, and if you tell her about it, she will make sure that more clorine will be put in, so people don't use it. Its just there for show or to increase rent. All the balconies are falling apart with nails sticking out everywhere, dangerous to go out on the balcony. All the appliances are in very poor condition uncluding the bathtub and vanity area. Roaches are the residents here and they get alot more respect than those paying $1.100 for a one bedroom unit. There aren't loading and unloading zone, so if you are parked inside the property moving things in and out of your apartment, Martha Magana will call the Tow truck immediately, and you will have to pay about $200 dollars to get your car back, and you won't be able to finish ,moving your stuff that day, or you will be late for work if you run upstairs to grab your wallet, and the tow truck took your car by the time you get back. I recommend that you go thru the contract with Martha and make sure she is not tricking you with fees and penalties. Like if you leave your trash bag out your apartment door, while you are cleaning the kitchen, you will be fine $50 dollars if she finds the bag out. All this money goes to her pocket, towing fees and any other form of money she can get from you. If you pay the rent after the first day of the month, you will have to pay $50 dollars fee and she won't give you any time of grace period, she doesn't care if you pay your rent on the 4th or 5th day of the month. Martha Magana hates kids, she has been rude to some of my family members while their visit. Martha Magna thinks she is the owner of the premisses, if she is not able to help you with any problems, you won't be able to speak to the owner because she makes him or her look like a ghost. The whole structure of these buildings are so old, that you can hear wood cracking all day and night. Feels like the whole place will collapse one day. Can you imagine if a earth quake hits near there. The neighborhood is based on gang activities and everyday on the streets around this complex, you will find broken glass from cars being broken into. This place is hell to live in with this manager running the whole show. Martha Magana will tell you all the good things to move in, after you sign her contract, you are in her hands and she will pick on you the whole time being a tenant there. She always finds something to complain about you, but if you as her to fix something or anything you need from her, she will bull ---- you somehow....I have to be honest to you all, if you think I am just a person mad at her, come and proove it your self. I had to move out iof there and change my whole life again. Change my address, changes my kids school and I had to move farther from work, because my job I found after I moved in to this place...I always wanted to live near my work to save on gas and stress in traffic... I just want to say one thing, I pray for Martha Magana everyday, so she can transform her negative Karma and leave others live in peace, if she is still the manager of this properties. She tends to be very moody, but to make you sign the contract she will treat you like a hollywood star.....I wish alot of peace to you Martha Magana...Your tenant that never disturbed anyone with loud music, parties, pets, loud mufflers or car stereo...LOOK AT THE PICTURE ATTACHED, THAT IS HOW UNSAFE THESE PROPERTIES ARE...I WISH I COULD GET THE HELP FROM THE CITY OF ANAHEIM WHILE I WAS LEAVING THERE....I HAVE MANY MORE PICTURES...BUT I CAN ADD THEM ALL HERE FOR YOU ALL TO SEE...
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Shangrila Apartments

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 02/13/2008) Image of Shangrila Apartments in Anaheim, CA
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