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Cross Pointe Apartments

5100 Vista Grande Drive

Antioch, CA 94531



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
My family and I lived here from 2007-2008. We spent 2 weeks moving out and an additional week cleaning every inch of the place. about a week later i stoppped by the office to turn in keys and such and noticed that the blinds to my old apartment were open (I had purposly left them closed). I asked if any management had gone into the apartment, because we had not yet had a walk through? I was told nobody had been in the apartment yet and that a walk through was not neccesary. I found that a little odd..obviously someone had gone in there. about 2 months later we received a letter from Cross Pointe apartments stating that we owed them about $2,000.00, To which I almost had a coronary. They stated the apartment was dusty and had not been cleaned. I was furious. I had even made a point to leave scented toilet bowl water cleanser for them. I had scrubbed that place top to bottom!They even tried to charge me for a brand new carpet! The carpet was brand new when I moved in, according to them. I steamed cleaned it immediatley after I moved in (you can never really trust they are clean), and again 6 months later. I never allowed shoes in my home, and our dog stayed at the bottom of the hallway next to the garage. I even had installed a huge doggie gate. I cannot stand dog hair in my living area! The dog was always taken out through the garage for walks and bathroom breaks. They tried to say that I had dog urine all over my carpets. They claimed they used a black light detector that could detect urine. Give me a break! There was no arguing with them, and they turned us over to collections. We tried to state our case but it fell on deaf ears. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS MANAGEMENT! THEY WILL TAKE YOU FOR WHATEVER THEY CAN!!!!
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Cross Pointe Apartments

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