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Cross Pointe Apartments

5100 Vista Grande Drive

Antioch, CA 94531



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I don't have too many complaints about living here... First and foremost, document document document!!! Take pictures and do a VERY thorough walkthru. If there is one speck of paint out of order make sure it is documented. If you can see where the last tenant had something on the wall, make sure you have it documented that there was prior damage to the wall. Check for cob webs and ANY dirt in the apartment at all this includes windows and window sills. DON'T be afraid to be as nit picky as possible. It'll save you money upon move out because they WILL take you for every cent they can, even if they know its wrong. We lived on Lone Tree so it was VERY loud in the apartment and you had to run the air in the summer even if it was nice out because you couldn't hear your TV otherwise. So if you move in, choose an inside unit. Your heating and air bills with likely be as much as a house as the windows and doors let a lot of heat and air out. ALWAYS park your car inside your garage. We had a car stolen from the parking lot twice and it was at the very back of the complex. We often saw questionable characters walking around the complex and I would never get out of my car until my garage door was down. One of the staff shared with us that there was also a few units that had their doors kicked in and all their belongings stolen. I never saw or heard of this myself so take this information for what it is; second hand. The office staff was always very friendly with me and maintenance was pretty on top of their calls. The grounds always look nice but there was a bit of a dog poo issue in the grassy area. I honestly think you will have this problem no matter where you rent, unfortunately. There are just too many lazy people who refuse to clean up after their messes. Upon move out make sure you go over your final account statement along side your itemized move in statement. They will try and charge you for things they shouldn't. They likely will not even look at your initial move in statement before sending you a bill. While this is really sad on their part and honesty should be apart of their policy, remember it is YOUR responsibility to protect yourself. They should send you the bills from their vendors after your old unit has been made ready for the next person. If they don't, you do have the right to request those documents. When moving into any rental unit it is probably safer to assume you will not receive any of your deposit back that way if you do, its a nice surprise. We didn't leave on bad terms because I knew how to protect myself. They wanted to raise our rent and we found a rental house for the same price in a better neighborhood. Good luck and happy renting...
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Cross Pointe Apartments

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