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Sherwood Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
The Sherwood Apartments are simply the worst apartments I've ever lived in. I've read all the negatives reviews, and can personally vouch for every single one. The disrespectful kids, the blackouts, the helicopters chasing criminals, the Marijuana smoke everywhere, the manager's lack of backbone and professionalism, the infestation of gigantic roaches, the parking spaces being too small, and on and on and on... I'd also like to mention the pools and the "gym" are always "out of service". I also had my car broken into 4 times in the 6 months I lived there. I was nearly attacked one night when I asked a group of men to tone their language down. They pushed me and told me to "Get the f*** out of here before we kill you!". The police were called but never came, so there goes that.. I have absolutely no reason to post a negative review of this horrendous place, other than to try to help someone avoid this place because of all the trouble and pain (emotional and physical) of living here. Do not get sucked into this place because it looks nice on the walk-through. As soon as the kids get home from school, and as soon as the sun goes down, this place is hell.
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Sherwood Apartments

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