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Sherwood Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I am a resident of the sherwood apartments as of now and i wish i would have read all these reviews before moving here first of all the rent is extremely high which we did not really mind at the beginning because of all the stuff that they offered like the pool the gym and the laundry place but after we moved in we went to the gym to find it locked another resident came by and said we had to pay $50 for the gym key deposit so we have never used it cuz thats ridiculous the laundry machines are extremy high we washed our clothes here 2 time and for 3 loads we had to pay almost $30 not only that but before using the laundry u have to buy a card which costs $10 with out it u cant use the machines the parks are probably the only thing that we can use for "free" the grills is another bad thing about the apartments i believe the have three they are first come first served which is understanable but not to long ago we wanted to use it and one was ocupied by a family the other one some teens were sitting there talking and playing dominos and the only one that was empty didnt work the teens sitting at the table next to the grill are there every day they are also supposed to have bags for the doggies to pick up after them but for the last three months they have been empty paking is horrible the spaces are to little and u only get one parking space the second one is also first come first served and there arent many n if u leave ur car in one of the extra spaces for more than 3 days u get a notice saying that they will tow ur car in the five montha that we have been here we have seen a guy infront of our apartment smoking weed the people in the office are extremely rude all they want is the money they also dont change the toilet nor carpet nothing we had a problem with bed bugs in this apartment and we had to pay $400 it wasnt that effective because they had to come three times and they lied saying we had brought them in when the pest control guy had told us that they had to do the same thing in other apartments if u misplace a key they charge $50 for each they also only let time warner cable to be installed here no other than that the edison bill for the first month was $110 n that was for 2 weeks only the water was $50 we never turn on the A/C for the same reason we prefer to be hot instead of paying so much for nothing the paking outside the community is really bad the streets are packed n on wednesdays it sucks cuz u cant park in either side which sucks if u have 3 cars like we do they also charge $250 deposit for dogs and $50 for rent we agreed to pay $750 deposit over all meaning $500 for the apartment because of the good credit and $250 for the dog our rent is 1700 today they told us that we did not pay the dog deposit m that we havent been paying for the dogs rent which is a lie i called the office and the guy was rude we plan on moving ASAP no wonder why we see people moving out so often the worst thing i could of done was move to this place we hate it so sont think about it twice they will paint u a pretty picture they wont even tell u the charge for everything like the gum or the extra parkings they lie and lie so yeah DONT DO IT !!!!!!!!! Believe me u will regret it we wanted to move put after the first month here !
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Sherwood Apartments Manager


Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for your review, I am so sorry to hear of all of the troubles you are having with your new apartment home. Security deposits and other fee structures are all based on credit and we treat everyone the same. However, you have mentioned some things that can be fixed and/or changed, and I would like to work with you personally to ensure that happens. Please contact me to discuss these matters at your convenience. Pilar Sarseno | Community Manager 562-866-3773 [email protected]

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Sherwood Apartments

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