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Resident 2012 - 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/17/2012
So, you're thinking of moving here. Maybe you've already had a tour of the complex and met the friendly property manager. I lived here for almost 4 years and I'm here to tell you that this place is not as pleasant as it seems. - one of the managers is horribly unfriendly, but you won't meet her until after you sign your lease. She usually works the weekend shifts (9-5 Saturday and Sunday) but she is never available and the office is always closed. Anchor Pacifica would do well to get rid of her, I'm sure they are well aware of how rude and unhelpful she is. Many of the other online reviews mention her too. - the pool and hot tubs officially close at 10pm, but people stay much later. Sometimes they even go swimming in the middle of the night, which is frustrating if you have a bedroom that overlooks the pool. The architecture here perfectly amplifies the pool noise to the surrounding apartments, so beware if you are moving into a "pool view" apartment! And don't bother trying to complain about late night pool noise, the managers will just tell you to call the Burbank Police. - SMOKING! In Burbank it is against the law to smoke on your balcony, by the pool or in your apartment (since you share vents with a neighbor). Every tenant here has to sign a form saying they understand this before they move in. However, many residents don't obey that law so expect to smell smoke in your apartment. Asking the managers to enforce this is again futile. As usual, they just tell you to call the Burbank Police (who also won't enforce this law for some reason). If you don't like the smell of smoke in your home, don't move here! - ditto for neighbors who smoke pot, which also happens here. - for a while I kept seeing signs of crack use in the stairwells (straws, burned foil and a strong odor). Yes, CRACK! I complained (of course) and was told that someone would clean it up. Really? That's all they wanted to do? They weren't concerned about hard drugs in the common areas of the complex?!?! I enjoy my safety, which is why I don't live here anymore. - speaking of safety... people with shopping carts rummage through the dumpsters several times a week, tearing open every garbage bag and carefully sifting through everything. It's pretty sad, and also disturbing that they see everything we throw away. The scariest part is that at least two of them have clickers for the garage door! Plus the property managers know them by name! I have no idea why the managers would allow this... - usually you can find at least one door to the complex propped open or not closed properly, and sometimes the parking garage doors stay open for days at a time. I'm not surprised that bicycles get stolen and cars are broken into. - there are security cameras at most entrances, but the managers won't review any of the footage if you have a legitimate complaint (see the CRACK comment above). The cameras are for show, don't expect them to actually provide any security. - many of the parking spots are labeled "compact", which apparently means anyone can park there whether their vehicle fits or not. If there are 4 spots in a row you'll never find more than 3 cars because no one parks between the lines. Also, one time I got yelled at by a fat slob in his SUV for parking my compact car in a non-compact spot. - the parking garage also has a few parking spots that are painted blue for disabled parking, but the managers actively encourage all residents to park there. Their logic is that it's a regular parking spot unless they activate it by putting a disabled sign on the wall (which is incredibly rare). These spots are clearly painted for disabled parking, and should be treated as such at all times. This notion of active/inactive disabled parking spots is probably illegal. - speaking of illegal, when the managers need to get into apartments here (for annual inspections, etc) they put a note on your door. Sometimes they do this the afternoon before for the next morning's visit. The law says they need to give 24 hours notice, but they don't always obey that. - the elevator permits are years out of date. Yes this is a nitpick, but there are safety reasons why elevators need to be inspected. At least one of the elevators here won't reopen the doors after they start to close. - I had previous tenant damage to my apartment (mainly pet odors) that weren't apparent during the move in inspection. The property managers brought someone in to repair it, but the problem never really went away. BE SURE TO SEE YOUR EXACT APARTMENT BEFORE YOU MOVE IN! I lived in two apartments here and I wasn't allowed to see either one before I signed the lease. If you don't see your new apartment first, you can expect to have similar problems.
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