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Scott Villa Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 1999 Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2001
The thing I remember about this neighborhood is that it´s a Mexican paradise. It is a little bit upscale though and most people behave themselves. There is a park across the street that has events on the weekends sometimes. I´ve seen swordfight clubs there and larger town umm... carnivals and stuff. The pool is nice in the complex and the third floor apartments are great, especially if you aren´t near the Edison Substation behind the complex. On the umm... north side there are a bunch of homes left over from when this was a real neighborhood. I used to wave at one of the dogs in the backyards of one of these homes every day. Pretty cool. The apartments are well kept and I never had any scares here. The garage is subterranean and I wouldn´t want to be there during an earthquake tho´. Oh the style is sort of pseudo-faky Spanish, which I liked. A lot of Disney employees live in this apartment complex. We had a two bedroom, the second bedroom was a loft over the livingroom, which was HUGE! The space wasn´t laid out so great but then that is so typically Los Angelean to create bogus floorplans. Oh yeah... I always loathed looking at the strip-mining operation on the hills around Burbank. The scenery is great when it rains and you can´t see the details of the hillsides so clearly tho´.
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Scott Villa Apartments

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