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Northpark Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1996 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/24/2000
<br>Good point are (no particular order): (1) swimming pool (25m long, deep end is 8 foot) (2) the recreation staff are freindly, and the club house is open to 11pm. (3) the location - very close to airport, rail station and freeway (3ii) Burlingame itself - a reasonable place to live, with a nice climate (no Fog) <br> <br>Bad points: too numerous to mention. The reasons most people moved out are (1) the Apt. Manager does not run the place for the residents - she is out to squeeze every cent she can get from the place (2) the Apt. Manager - has a terrible pople skills (3) the rent - in the apast few years, rent increases are 10 - 20% per year/ (when I moved in, I paid $980; I moved out 4 years later, when they wanted $1880 for the place) in my 4 years there, my rent went up 50% - (3) Noise - both from the trains right next door, and from the other residents. (4) No sense of "community" - all the "nice" residents were being driven out by the bad management and high rent (5) Northpark is a very old place (built in mid 70); the apartments themselves have had not been upgraded since (save for a new coat of paint, and new appliances). I believe that over the summer they "upgraded" the club house - but with second hand equipment (the equipment was taken from other apartments complexes when the other places were upgraded to new new stuff). <br> <br>To be honest, all the management areinterested in now are "corporate leases" - they can charge more money, and there is a faster rate of change over. <br> <br>Other Notes <br> - Parking. If you have one car, and are allocated an underground space , life is wonderful. If you need to park in the communial areas, space near your own building can be limited. <br> - Grounds. If you get a nice view, great, but most places are either overlook the rail l ine of the freeway (and hence have a lot of noice), or overlook another apartment. The maangeemnt charge more for apartments with nice views. <br> <br>Safety - Northpark´s "security" is there for the safety of the building and grounds - not for the tennants (having said that,t he guy in charge of security is OK) <br> <br>Appliances: When you move in, insist on new stuff - and you have 24 hours to do it in. <br> <br>Wiring: 2 phone lines, but you have to pay to have the second ones conencted - and the building cabling has not been upgraded since the 1970´s. If you are thinking DSL, double check that you can get a good singal <br> <br>
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Northpark Apartments

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