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Malibu Canyon Apartments



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cantaffordahouse622 • Resident 2001 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 08/04/2006
All and all this is a nice place to live and the school system can't be beat also we have<br>millon dollars views without paying the million dollar price tag. This is the second apt we have lived in here at Malibu Cyn and it has new everything! I like that we have a washer and dryer that comes with the unit, we live on the second floor so we have vaulted celings. The two complaints I have would be the unsafe play area for the children its rusted falling apart and very old so I dont let my son play on it, second is if you have a maintance issue and dont want them to enter your apt when your not home they dont have a system where you can schedule a day and time for someone to fix the problem. <br><br>UPDATE:Update: The tot lot as the apts call it has been completely redone, no more rusty nails just brand new equipment, two thumbs up! I still think the price for any apts in this area is way to high, my apt is $2000 a month and we just signed a new lease but we cant buy a house b/c they go for $800,000 on up. I am however very unhappy with this new lease b/c all tenants have to have renters insurance and has to be a 50,000 policy. Now you would think renters insurance would be to cover your stuff incase of fire etc. but its not, in this case it is to cover if you say damage the apt in some way by leaving the water running, iron and causing a fire ect. It only protects Malibu cyn apts. I would think this would be covered under the apts insurance policy, well maybe it is and now they are making us pay for it. The insurance is 113 a yr which isnt high but add that to the water, trash and high rent and it adds up!
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Malibu Canyon Apartments

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