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Commons Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2005
I loved this community until Lyon Management took over. In the space of one weekend I had to complain to the office on three separate occasions with different problems. 1) If you have arachnophobia DO NOT rent here. 2) If you like to park in your assigned parking spot DO NOT rent here. 3) If you like to use your toilet DO NOT rent here. This property is infested with spiders. Not cute little fuzzy spiders, but giant Lord of the Ring monstrosities. They seriously could eat a small child they are so large. And since the property has a lot of trees and shrubbery the spiders have plenty of dark, cool places to breed and spin their webs. Also, on more than one occasion I have come home at night to find someone in my parking spot. Don't bother calling security because they are not authorized to tow away any cars even if they are parked in assigned spots. Lastly, the building is over 30 years old and has major plumbing issues. It sometimes gets so bad that the scent of the sewer comes through in my bathroom and one morning I couldn’t even use my own toilet because the plumbing was so backed-up. I called the office and they said no one could come out for at least a half an hour. Not good first thing in the morning. Basically, they have done nothing to earn a good review due to their obvious lack of interest in resident needs and complaints.
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Commons Apartments

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