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La Valencia Apartments

350 Budd Ave

Campbell, CA 95008



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2007
La Valencia is the worst apartment I have ever lived in. There are 4 major issues with the apartment that make it unbearable. First of all, the parking is terrible. You get one assigned parking space and then its a free for all on the other 20 or so spaces, with about 200 apartments you can do the math. If you work a 9-5 job don't think you have a chance. Many people there don't work at all and just leave their car in a spot for days.<br>The next problem is the terrible maintanence. I lived here for 6 months and had 10 calls to maintance. The things in my apartment just fell apart. Then, the major complaint I had was the roof leaked. I was stuck in my apartment for 2 months, always worried if my stuff was going to be damaged. I moved and they still haven't fixed the ceiling and my family got sick, my guess is mold in the house. Third, the motley crew of people always walking through the lot, hanging out on the street, constant traffic to some apartments (selling drugs), and just noise period. If I felt I could approach these people without having to worry about ending up with a keyed car I would, but La Valencia is no help. The last and most annoying issue is the nickel and diming. This apartment makes you pay for water, sewer, garbage, and your renters insurance. Believe me you better have some too, its only a matter of time before you will put in a claim, on top of that the apartments are not worth the amount that the landlord feel they need to charge. HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!<br>RENT HERE YOU WILL REGRET IT........
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La Valencia Apartments

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