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Haven Warner Center Apartments

6530 Independence Avenue

Canoga Park, CA 91303



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2007
If you ever move into this complex, just pray nothing is already broken or needs repair. The management is not responsive to repeated requests for minor repairs. After several requests, I just fixed everything myself. I never knew that I was capable of being a plummer, electrician, and overall handyman. I had to fix and pay for everything myself!<br>Another issue is the noise. The walls and ceiling are paper thin. You can literally hear your neighbors' conversations from all around! When the upstairs neighbors walk, it sounds like thunder or small earthquakes. I kindly spoke to the neighbors upstairs, but they still haven't stopped the constant THUMPING. It's like prisoner sound torture! The never ending THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! will drive any sane person mad.<br>The apartment's laundry machines are not well kept. The machines always seem filthy. People who use it do not take care of it and the lint trap is always full. Plus, why don't people take out their laundry once it is finished???<br>Someone or more than one likes to urinate in the stairs room. Why would anyone want to do that? It's just plain ignorant.<br>And someone is always burning their food. I understand that it can happen to us all, but it happens almost every week. I would not be shocked if the apartment eventually burns down.<br>The gardners with their leaf blowers are always blowing leaves into/onto your balcony and your car. It's just plain rude.<br>The people in the complex are rude and unfriendly to say the least.<br>Who cares if the complex provides for parking when you can't even fit your car into your assigned space. Depending on where you park, the parking space is super duper tight. Forget about park in your assigned space if you have a large/wide sedan or SUV. The person next to you will ding your doors all day long.<br>The area is NOT SAFE! Anyone can get in. Security is a total joke. Don't ever park on the street unless you want your window smashed and your things stolen.<br>Overall, unless you really have to, avoid this complex. Don't let the outer appearance fool you. <br>I should have paid full attention to the person who wrote the review "consider yourself warned," written on 09/26/2005. I agree with just about everything he/she wrote. If you do move into the complex, don't say you have not been warned!
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Haven Warner Center Apartments

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