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Park Place Club Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
I have been in this builing for a little over two (2) years and it's the biggest mistake a ever made! I'm in the process of moving out real soon. I can't believe that the management company has allowed this building to get worse then it was before. And for those of you tenants who have been in the building for longer than October 2008, have to be aware that there is no manager on the property. For those who moved in just recently, please be advised that the property management is in violation of not having a manager on the location. In addition, no one has done anything about the maintenance of the building. There are water leaks in my apartment which I have called on for repair and no one has taken care of it. The builing is in poor condition, there is no security for the tenants. Furthermore, we have disgusting tenants who own dogs and don't respect other tenants by pick up their dogs ----!!! Pet owners are pigs by leaving their dog poop all over the back yard grass. So what ever you do, for those tenants who have children be careful not to let them on the grass. The pool is not clean either so don't go swimming. Also, the washers and dryers are in crappy condition. The one's upstairs are leaking water all over the floor and that's been a problem for some time now. They still haven't fixed it. Last but not least, when you find someone downstairs in the building office, it's always some different face. And when you question them about the problems in the building it's always a different story. These idiots give you the run around and the don't give a ---- about what any tenant has to complain about. I have already found three (3) other apartment buildings that are much larger then the small rat hole I'm living in which are $200-$250 cheaper. Better location too. Consider looking elsewhere before you think of moving to this location.
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Park Place Club Apartments

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