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Park Place Club Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2011
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My name is Tim and my wife Brandy and I have lived here for six and a half years. We've seen management come and go and we witnessed the property's development and struggles. I have no reason to be biased one way or another and I will just sight our experiences. First, the current managers, who have been residing here for about three years or so, are proactive, sensitive to the tenant's needs, and accountable. The management just plainly gets things accomplished. Any maintenance issues we have encountered within our unit have been taken care of diligently. The current management and property owners had their work cut out for them when they were initially put into place. The property is literally being renovated piece by piece, which is the way it has to be done. The units have new windows(a serious needed addition) and a new roof was installed amongst other essential renovations. All things considered, the place looks beautiful with the bulk of exterior renovations completed. The laundry rooms are currently being renovated and the gym just installed two HD Televisions---great bonus! The gym may occasionally have a piece of equipment broken, but it usually gets repaired promptly if brought to attention. I particularly enjoy the brand new adjustable benches and dumbbell set--awesome addition. No place is perfect and good luck to anyone that thinks they will find the "Utopian Place Apartments". We have a pet and have no problems stemming from the pet. We understand that cats are cleaner than dogs, but pet training and careful attention is a must if you expect the pet issue to work. We encounter doggy waste every now and then from those tenants who just don't monitor their pet closely enough---I don't blame management for extra pet charges. How else do we enforce pet cleanliness codes? Occasionally there may be a washer out of service, but that happens when dozens of people use them weekly---wear and tear and common entropy cannot be avoided. When management is made aware of problems, they take care of it. Personally, our unit is very clean...no bugs/pests or mold currently. Regardless, we have never experienced a less than professional response to our needs and requests from the current management. The managers are genuinely caring...how do we know?...it's just our experience. We try not to take for granted things such as friendly faces, a present & accountable manager on duty when they are supposed to be, and an attitude of flexibility...a "we'll work with you" attitude. Again, communication helps to make aware the aforementioned qualities of our management. My wife and I know that nothing is ever perfect and that often times our biggest problems in life are caused by ourselves. The "Park Place Apartments" have improved tremendously and are still upgrading. We wanted to allow interested apartment seekers the opportunity to hear another side of the story, so to speak. All in all, our experience has drastically improved since the current management was plugged in. We were ready to move out and just waiting for our lease to terminate when the current managers came. What honestly kept us here, long before the renovations, was the level of care and professionalism we encountered from them.
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Park Place Club Apartments

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